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Στοιχεία ID#[0000001452]

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Ονομα χρήστη jerry21
Επώνυμο χρήστη jerry21
Γενέθλια 04.04.1987
Ζώδιο Κριός
Φύλλο Αντρας
Τυπος σχέσης για μακροχρόνια σχέση
Χώρα Sierra Leone
Πόλη Freetown
Οικογενειακή κατάσταση Μόνος
Παιδιά Οχι
Υψος 5'8" (173cm)
Βαρος 165 lbs (75kg)
Χρώμα μαλλιών Black
Χρώμα ματιών Καφετή
Εθνικότητα Other
Θρησκεία Other
Καπνιστής Μη καπνιστής
Πότης Ποτέ ποτό
Γραμματικές γνώσεις Σπουδαστής κολλεγίου
ΕργασίαJob Student
Χόμπι Caring and Love
Σχετικά I am a well charming and honest boy. Who holds these words to be self evidence, that I am somebody. Somebody whose mind is made up of what I am determined to do in life. I am a dedicated Honest, Caring, Lovely and hopefully one day soon, I will be a dedicated husband for that special woman who will (in the future) be in my life to have and to hold. I want a some one who is ready to be honest, Caring, Sincere, lovely and nothing less. Also, I am a independent, supportive, lovable, talent, and a sensational, Black guy, who is walking by faith and not by sight. A Black guy who have came to realized that you are just as important as I am. An Honest and Trustworthy boy who is willing to walk side by side with his future mate. And give her 100% satisfaction of her needs and wants. (As long as it is decent and in order.....
Αναζητηση για Γυναίκα
Αναζητηση ηλικίας 25 - 60
Αναζητηση ύψους 4'2" (127cm) - 7'0" (213cm)
Αναζητηση βάρους 80 lbs (36kg) - 300 lbs (136kg)
Ημερομηνια εγγραφής 31.07.2008, 13:23:00
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Profile Views 1774
Δημοτικότητα 4.000
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