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ID# ანკეტა[0000006745]

Total photos: 2  
[შეტყობინების გაგზავნა]   [შეცდომითი ანკეტა] ძებნა დახურულია სტუმრებისათვის
მომხმარებლის სახელი Anton
მომხმარებლის გვარი Gerrits
დაბადების დღე 19.11.1960
ზოდიაქოს ნიშანი მორიელი
სქესი კაცი
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გაცნობის მიზეზი მეგობრობისათვის
ქვეყანა Netherlands
ZIP 5691 AS
ქალაქი Son en Breugel
ოჯახური მდგომარეობა გაყრილი
ბავშვები 2
სიმაღლე 6'0" (183cm)
წონა 185 lbs (84 კგ)
თმის ფერი მელოტი
ეროვნება თეთრი/კავკასიური
რელიგია ქრისტიანი
განათლება უმაღლესდამთავრებული
სამსახური consultant
ჰობი music, sport
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თქვენს შესახებ I am looking for an adventurous, energetic and spontaneous woman to a have pleasant life, in The Netherlands! With respect yourself and confidence, understanding and interest for each other. And do lots of fun things!
I am travelling in South India in February, so then we must meet.
Keywords are: enjoy healthy living, nature, travel.
I feel thirties by healthy life style and many sports and I meet me with younger’s and am tougher than the rest.
Well I’m not a photo model, I do not have the looks of Brad Pitt but a tight body, so that compensates (I hope). And it’s all about the inner, right? And further peoples say that I have a strong karma and yes that is difficult to photograph; therefore we need each other in the eye.

Entrepreneur with a history of several technical and commercial international work experience during 15 years in industry and 12 years in R&D. Divorced and two adult children living with ex-wife.
Strongest personal characteristics are: survivor mentality, very high energy level, and an enormous optimist.
Key words: carpe diem | rocker | sports | travel | video conferencing | mechatronics & robotics | optimist | Neanderthal | Son en Breugel (NL)
თქვენ ეძებთ ქალი
რჩეული ეროპნება აზიური
რჩეული ასაკი 35 - 50
რჩეული სიმაღლე 4'11" (152cm) - 6'0" (183cm)
რჩეული წონა 95 lbs (43 კგ) - 135 lbs (61 კგ)
რეგისტრაციის თარიღი 06.01.2013, 14:07:24
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Profile Views 1852
პოპულარობა 5.000
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hi 27.03.2014, 13:22:31

Am miss Amanda i went through your profile and interested
to have relationship with you, write me with my email #### and i will send you my
picture and tell you more about my me directl to
my mail #### yours truly Amanda.


Hello Dear 03.04.2013, 06:49:48
I view your profile so interesting

my name is Miss Nita ,please

contact me via my id #### returns I shall give you my pics and more of me and

will like to know you the more.


hello 01.02.2013, 18:07:34
Hello, My name is favour , I am average in height and fair in complexion I want to be your friend, truly is quiet interesting to me then, i decided to contact you,I really want to have a good relationship with you. Beside i have a special something i want to discuss with you, so hoping to hear from you soon. i will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about my self. I know age will not be a barrier to our relationship, so i will like you to contact me here in my email (favouremmedy91 at yahoo dot com ) , thanks
am hoping to hear from you ,


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