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Burn Yoga Started

Functioning kit: yoga for deterioration (photo)

Yoga's not a fast pill for worsening, but the regular practice of yoga for worsening helps to get rid of unnecessary weight. What exercises should be done to lose weight?


Why is yoga getting worse?

You need patience first. Loss of weight in yoga is a consequence of a qualitative transformation of all organism systems. Employment yoga for worsening can normalize the exchange of substances, clean the blood and the toxins, improve endocrine and respiratory systems, but it takes time. Practice should be regular, not less than two or three times a week, but it's best every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Deterioration exercises

For the harmonious development of the body and the deterioration, a combination of asan dynamic compounds, such as static post retention, is necessary. Many asanes contribute to the deterioration by encouraging exchange processes. These are mostly flaws and overthrows: bkhujangasana, the cobra, the Utrazana, the camel, the charaisan, the bridge, the matiasana, the fish, the sarvangasana, the Berezca, the Halasana, the pluga, the shasan, the head stand and others. But if there's an effect, it's important to correctly carry out the asses, literate them into the sequence of practice and breathe properly. Most people need at least six months of classes to learn how to do the best.

Burn with yoga, ass and exercises

But there's a way to speed up the deterioration process with yoga. To this end, simple and effective respiratory equipment, the cryi, should be included in its daily practice. They have an impact on the digestive and esophical system, ensuring that food is used effectively and that toxics are treated in a timely manner. As a result, skin condition improves, fat sediments are woven. Do these tech every morning with a glass of water.

Kapalabhachi - breath of fire

Do your standing, with your back, your foot on the pelvis. On a steep breath through your nose, pull the bell to the vertebral cord, inhale free. Speed of breath, body steady, face relaxed. Start with three approaches for 20 to 30 respiratory cycles, gradually increasing to 50 to 70.

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