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Egg For Start-Up Deterioration

What should be the perfect morning charge

асаны бикрам йоги

The most perfect morning charge is the one that gives enough loads and combines with your training regime. The right charge begins with the self-assessment. If you're hard to wake up, feel free and not capable of physical advances, you'd better charge 20 minutes of any lung cardio exercise.

A good charge for a woman can be short training on a bike, a bicycle trip or 20 minutes of fast walk. This works better than the " hard-won " programme with seating and squeezing. Well, you'll always be able to sit down and shine when you wake up. It is important not to raise the pulse during the morning charge in this style above 60 per cent of the maximum PRC, and to start with a slow pace, accelerating gradually.

If all is well coordinated, three different strategies can be tested:

Morning charge for starters

You're not very physical, and you haven't been trained systematically for more than six months? Then we should start with something very simple. For example, try 10 minutes of fast walk plus three approaches for 15 repeats of sit-downs, sex compressions in any available version and any press exercise you like. Gradually add repeats, and as soon as you reach 25 times, go to middle level.

Average or morning load for deterioration

Do this charge, organized around-the-clock training every day. Keep the first and second sequence in the day.

1. We're doing 20 seats, 5 seats on one leg, 20 push-ups, and we're finishing 30 seconds at the Plank position. We do five rounds. Then five minutes of any cardio-activity other than jumps.

2. Again, with no rest, 20 outfalls from each leg or " falling out " , 20 push-ups, and 30 repetitions of " travelled " or " scalolasses " on the press. We do five rounds, and five minutes of any cardio-activity again.

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