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Bubkov Yoga For Starters


The quiet and elite Chinese tea for your services!

Dear friends!
The Shangila Cultural Centre, together with the Sound Kitchen, is inviting you to a unique skilled cadet in vegetarian and masculine.

In the master class:

♪ You'll see how to make quick and just delicious and licking food from the dry, which means the foods!

♪ What are we doing?
1. The Cocktail of the Feed.
2. Mind dessert
3. Vegetable steering
4. Ore cheese
5. Farched shampagne
6. Pumpkin cake
7. Carrots
8. Snacks from pork peppers and tomatoes

♪ Printing of dishes
♪ Good mood.

02.12 and 11.12 a lecture will be held at the Shangrill Cultural Centre to introduce the achievements of modern diagnostic medicine: the definition of disease and fingerprinting. Science and esoterics - what's "foto aura" and "harmonicity/disharmonic chakra"? How can this knowledge help the most ordinary person to improve his health? You'll be able to find out at a meeting devoted to the bunoscopy.

It's 50 roubles.

Attention! All of them are 50 per cent of the survey discount for themselves + 3 gift bills per 30 per cent of the discount for their families and loved ones.

On December 4, on Sunday, we will have Stella Zubkov, a great author, our good and beloved friend from Lugansk.
Stella's gonna be in Voronage after a long break, and her repertoire has a lot new and interesting.
One remains unchanged - a bright and unrepetitive performance measure, full of thin nuances: from strength to tenderness, from tragedy to spark humor. ♪ ♪


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