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Hatha Yoga For Epilepsy Starters

Example complex

Kundalini joga dlja nachinajushhihThis practice does not fall within the category of lungs and public access, i.e., i.e., i.e., yoga for starters requires some training. Cundalini gives a lot of advantages: learning emotional control and power.

What's a yoga uniform?

Steward energy is either controlled by us or controlled by us. Initially, this energy is favourable - it has no “negative” shades. However, the inappropriate use of the system results in a weakening of the body and in the destruction of health (a good example of misuse is the indiscriminate sex life).

Coundalini yoga teaches to control creativity, develop energy channels related to iron and nervous system. Through these practices, people are sensitive to changes in energy, have the opportunity to compensate for this process and to accumulate energy. This practice has its specificity - it is based on internal work, and asans only create energy contours and help to achieve certain conditions.

Training structure:
♪ Training (mantres)
• Creia is the sequential execution of asan opening energy channels
♪ Relaxing (implementation of asan to remove voltage)
• Conscious stabilization (mantre singing)

The experimental yoga perform 21 screams, which takes about 3 hours. The yoga uniforms, designed for starters, are much easier. Main requirement: The complex must be balanced.

The set proposed below combines kundalini and Hatha-yoga. As a result, even those who have no special experience can learn from it. Asans influence important energy channels and increase life energy.

Sit down, put your feet in the lotos, put your elbow down, put your hands in a prayer wise. Close your eyes, look up to the point between the eyebrows. Breathe sharply, thinkfully repeat the mantru “tom”. Duration is three minutes.

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