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Hatha Yoga For Starter Anton Ivan

Yoga in the pantheon

Занятия йогой

Tomorrow at 8:30, with 7th Red Army, 18, 400 P; 777 Abbre, 777r, eight yoga classes for a week, 7-6 p.m.

In my practice, I'm guided by two dolats.
The first is not universal. This is primarily a creative process, driven by the individual characteristics of each individual. It is very important to develop personal interest and life, resulting in a unique and inspiring experience of self-identification in the example of specific exercises.
The second test of success of a practice is nothing but harmonization of life processes in a simple sense. Health, personal happiness, wealth, proper family relations are what should be sought and what must be maintained. This is the foundation of human existence.
Thus, thanks to my teachers, through the available practices, I have the pleasure of transferring ways of realizing simple human values, which is filled with hope and faith in goodness.

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