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Hatha Yoga For Starter Videos Free


Андрей СидерскийHutha-yoga. Old video

Andrei Sidersky

Type of practice: Hatha-yoga
Professor: Andrei Sidersky
Video language: No comment
Density: 187 minutes
Level: Practical
Special: training


Old 2003 records. Be very careful when using this video. It was filmed prior to the formation of the YOGA23 system, as a consequence, it might not be entirely optimistic and a series of exercises.

Very simple sequencing of classic exercises of yoga (asan) is provided, accessible to any individual starting to familiarize himself with yoga practice. Despite the simplicity of implementation, the sequences have a great deal of specific training, functional optimizing and psycho-energulatory activities that are characteristic of yoga gymnastics. The fonogram that Andrei Siderski has written contributes to a deeper sense of internal practice.

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