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Hatha Yoga In A Pepb For Starters

Our center

We can study Hatha Yoga's practice at any level of complexity under the leadership of qualified trainers. We practice and teach in the traditions of Ashtanga Viñas Jogi (School of Sri T. Krishnamacharia - Pattabhi Joysa), the Delia School of Yoga (Dhirendra Brahmachari tradition), the Bangalore School of Yoga (Gopal Krishna), use some practices from the Shivananda yong tradition (Liu)

Our centre has been in existence since 1999, first, it was just a community of friends who actively practised Hatha Yogu, and we were together at various Masters, sharing our experiences with friends and their friends. Gradually around us, a circle of yoga volunteers has grown, and it is time to organize regular classes. That's how our center came up. I would like to thank those teachers. Hatha Yogiunder the direct supervision of which the founders and teachers of our centre were trained in this remarkable art. This is a student of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari yogacharya Bal Mukund Singh, who was trained in New Delhi (Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute), Yogacharya Gopal Krishna from Bangalore (Karnataka), Dr. M. Madavan (Director Vivekananda Yoga Therapy Institute, Karur, Tamil Nadu). Our teachers Ashtanga Viñas Jogi: a student of legendary Sri T. Krishnamacharya - Guruji Sr. Pattabhi Joyce and his grandson Sharat Rangaswamy (Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysora) and B.N.S. Ayengar (Patanjala Yoga Shala) and his student, Yoga And, of course, we are very grateful to the domestic teachers, Andrei Lappe and Andrei Sidersky, who have given a lot both to us in person and in general to develop Hutha Yoga in our country.

At the training, the instructor explains and shows how an asan and a Viñas performs, see how you do if you need to be corrected. Groups are divided into levels that can be found. ♪ ♪

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