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Esoterics for starters


I'm increasingly being asked where to start. Esoterics study? And even though I don't think I'm an authority, I'm going to try to get everyone interested to propose a list of esotterics that I'd be sure to read.

So, and not just...

The books I'm putting down are the best I've had in years. Some of them are very unusual... Maybe not all of them will go... Some people just need to grow up. But it's worth a shot.

May you not be frightened by the names, phrases and terms that appear in the contents of books, forewords and the list of chapters. Books from the list are written in simple and understandable language, but many of them are, however, very complicated and “multiple” items, many of them only come to terms in a while. Checked on his own skin...

I'll give you the best books in the main directions. Only together will they provide a very good and balanced understanding of many things that should be known and understood by a man of whom esoterics attract.

There is certainly no “musor” here, which was written exclusively for money on trusted horses and superstitious hysterics. : Only the best esoteric books I could read.

I'll tell you right now, there's probably not more than 3 percent of the esoteric books on this list. This is said to be a " candidate minimum " . :

If you think you're no longer interested, you can just count it as my personal rating of the books read. The emphasis on the selection of books is on the practical value of literature for esotterics.

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