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Hutha Yoga Starts Lessons

Yoga-hatha for starters in Moscow

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We will be pleased to all students, both those who have never studied and those who are already practising Hatha-yoga, but to strive to achieve a higher level of knowledge and skills.

I'm sure you will not only be able to improve your practical skills in the course of your training, but you will also enjoy your great pleasure. And that's why:

  • The school is only five minutes away from the subway;
  • The flexible scheduling of classes allows for the most convenient days and time to be visited;
  • Careful and highly skilled teachers will help not only newcomers in the development of basic principles, but also significantly improve your skills if you have already learned the basis;
  • Light and shiny areas are equipped with heating and conditioning systems. In them, you will feel free and comfortable;
  • individual dressing lockers are located in the locker rooms, and there are also showers;
  • You can use the most convenient job pay system for you, be it a daily fee for visiting or buying a bonus. Look, our subscriptions aren't tied to dates: you get the number of classes that you can attend at your discretion.

Hatha-yoga for starters:

Calendar of classes: Tuesday/fourth 18:30 - 20:00

Lessons take place in small groups, up to 15 people. This enables a teacher to monitor each student and, if necessary, adjust the exercise.

Hatha-yoga for abundance - a systemic approach to organism recovery

It involves several areas:

  • physical exercise,
  • breathing gymnastics,
  • exercises to stimulate domestic authorities,
  • meditation, relaxing equipment
  • The right meals.

In the course of the exercise, various asanes (static exercises for the physical body) are performed, ranging from simple to complex, the right breathing is formed, and the use of meditation equipment is used to make the body as relaxed as possible.

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