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Jutub Hatha Yoga For Starters

Info-products of narrow themes


Some partners wonder how to steal info-products so that they can be professed even on the narrowest topics, such as our Vidoum " Vontac " , the Video Mobster Intel Cart, the Video Course " Springers and Cosmetics " How to make tuning with your hands, youTube-Project 3.0, Hatha-Hatha-Hathom video courseyoga for starters" .

It would appear that there is little demand and search demand for these topics, but what prevents target traffic + near-temperature? It may compromise conversion, but the amount of purchased orders is much higher. Don't forget that you're trying to turn around not only you, but also your competitors, sometimes ascending to heaven.

There is no competition for those keys which, at first glance, seem irrelevant and do not turn up (they may still be circumstantial), but they also successfully attract traffic and sell products. Let us compare the issue on the target and indirect keys for the produce of the Secrets and Machinery.

Target " Space course " (all advertisements are occupied, price of clicks ~ 38.20 p)

Indirect request for " How to swallow the coin " (Seping free, price for clicks ~ 5.40 p., excluding construction):

*Region Moscow

The point is, there's gonna be more traffic on indirect requests, but you're gonna have to take it longer. By taking a place on target keys plus indirect, you'll be getting a lot more traffic at an affordable price for clicks (the price will fall over time), and this is the basis for the analysis and withdrawal of the campaign on a substantial plus.

The transcripts can be removed from UTM markers (we have services and instructions for direct use in RPs) and meters (may put lending on your dome through iframe or direct transport).

Example (key) of the expert ' s narrow product trade:

Don't be afraid of niche products and think that nobody needs it. Examples of partners selling info to hundreds a day seem to be a course that is not demand-driven and popular. Every product has a client, it only needs to be profitable.

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