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Subkov Hatha Yoga For Starters

Open yoga (openyoga)

Асаны стоя на руках :

Yoga for starters and advanceds!
Yoga is power! Yoga is beautiful! Yoga is purity! Yoga is health! Power, beauty, purity and body and soul health!
Yoga doesn't require you to be flexible, sleep on nails, or any other skills, she's doing everything on her own.
The yogoga course is conducted by a professor of the International Open Yoga University, Yoga Kursov Internet, Anna Molokhov

Main types of yoga:
Hatha yoga - yoga static poles
Kria yoga - yoga dynamics
Mantra yoga - sound vibrations yoga
Pranoma yoga - yoga respiratory practice

The success of the yoga will reach anyone who can overcome his lair. And it doesn't matter if he's young or old, sick, weak, or even shook. Only if his practice was persistent.
(c) Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika

If there's a wish Start yoga.If you don't mind, you'll start now! It's the best time. Life is not a black man who can be rewritten.
Take responsibility for your happy life and health in your hands!

Yoga is the most powerful, wonderful system of knowing yourself and the universe!
Yoga gives us the methods, practices that make it possible to unleash the potential that each of us has. Yoga teaches us to run, not only to control his body, but also his life.
Using a wide range of exercises from static poles, dynamic exercises, respiratory practices, sound vibration practices, to mental exercises, medicine, we know ourselves, better start feeling all processes both inside and outside! We have a knowledge when and what's good for us and what's gonna hurt us.
In practice, we are approaching our true, natural state - the state of health, GARMONI, RAMOTIE, MUSIC!

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