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Zubkov Ochapa Hatha Yoga Begins To Read

Yoga aspects

Йоги считают, что значительное

Yogu should be seen as the harmony of three people: physical, mental and emotional (psychological) and spiritual.

The aim of the yoga is to achieve and maintain such harmony. This objective has several aspects: Raja-yoga, Bhakti-yoga, Karma-yoga, Khatha-yoga, Jnani-yoga, Tantra-yoga, Kria-yoga, Laya-yoga, Mantra-, or Japa-yoga, Prana-yoga, Kundali-yoga, etc.

Raja-yoga is the domination of all three human beginnings. It's also called "high, king yoga." She reveals all the personal potential. This is done by complex psychic self-regulation techniques (musiness, distraction from external and internal irritants, concentration of attention, etc.).

Hatha-yoga is the preparatory phase of Raja Yoga. The term “Hatha” is symbolic and has deep philosophical meaning. Ha ' is the sun, Tha is the moon. It's the symbol of the opposite. In the universe, the opposite begins in everything (the warm cold, the positive, the negative, the light, the darkness, the electron, the proton, the man, the woman, etc.). Unity and harmony of opposites create a balance. Hatha-yoga is a teaching of physical harmony or harmony achieved through physical means of exposure to organisms (dieta, respiration, asan, hydrotherapeutic procedures, etc.) as opposed to the mental effects of Raja Yoga. Khatha-yoga leads to physical excellence and well-being, which is important to the human body, mind and spirit. She teaches how to achieve a long, healthy and happy life by improving health. Health is universal wealth. It is not by chance that many authoritative yoga consider Hatha-yoga as the starting point for physical excellence, as " healthy body is healthy spirit " . By the way, this spectacle is found in the Sanskrit sources, which dates back to our era.

Bhakti-yoga is loyalty to the highest ideals, a selfless love for the whole world. Through this self-disclosure, there is a harmony of the individual.

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