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A Yoga Home Exercise

Five-minute yoga project

Комплекс поз йоги для новичков

"Health is wealth.
The world of mind is a pleasure.
And the yoga indicates how that can be achieved. "
Swami Vishnu devananda

Come on.

I came to yoga early enough. As a little girl, a very sick child, she looked at the transmission. It seems to be the light round. Then I got lucky with a book, one, one, three. I practiced exercises - physical and then breathing. I found out what kind of meditation and math. After a two- or three-year break, passing through a painful shower break, through a huge number of external failures, I returned to the source again.

Star experience

Valeria's singer handles yoga, mostly physical, ass. In one interview, she said, "It was a test. Yoga was the type of fitness that suits me the most. It's very convenient to be in the gastrols - you don't need to find a gym, enough rooms in the hotel. It's a whole philosophy, but even if you take her physically, it's a lot. A terrific technique that helps maintain a body in good shape and be in good mood. No other sporting activity has produced such results, literally in months. I recommend it. " Doing yoga, not just doing, but having the opportunity to communicate with the teacher, to be energized, to be happy, to know clearly why you live... That's what it means to practice, study yoga.

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