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Yoga Home For Start-Up Video Lessons

home class yoga, advanced level.

Йога для дома.There are many reasons to start sports. Continuous movement is the prevention of an ageing organism. Our body loves movement. During sports, mice spasms and clamps go away, the exchange of substances is normal, and brain circulation is improving. If one chooses between physical and psychological development, it is natural to begin. Psychological training without physically makes no sense. The brain consumes about 20 per cent of the blood, so if you don't have physical development, there's no successful psychological activity or speech.

It's also hard to imagine how a machine can operate without gasoline. Whatever it is, it's impossible. In addition, physical development can in itself lead to increased self-assessment. When you start training, psychological growth becomes inevitable. This is, in itself, one of the necessary ingredients of happiness, a recognition of personal growth. Even the word of gymnasium came from the word of gymnastics. In ancient Greece, the first and most important subject was physical education. A physically unprepared man makes a sad impression. And sometimes it's hard to decide that he might be smart. So let's do sports.

The first video is a major ash complex. yoga for starters♪ Twenty minutes of classes, including the main yoga assan, aimed at raising muscle tone, movability of joints, vertebral flexibility, improvement of circulation, normalization of the exchange of substances, acquisition of a beautiful shank, development of endorphines (happiness hormones), and intensification of life energy.

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