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Joga for starters: video lessons and exercises

It's no secret for anyone that regular yoga classes, in phithnes or in nature help the organism wake up, pull and pull. йога для начинающих, видео йоги для начинающих, хатха йога для начинающих, занятия йогой дома онлайн Charge the energy for the whole day after the muscle's sleep and even lose a bit of weight.

The yoga gymnastics for starters does not require purely " clean " execution of asan (through) people who are just beginning to practice this direction.

However, if you wake up from time to time (2-3 times a week) to perform minor yoga exercises for starters, you'll soon become more plastic, flexible, feel the tide of your beards, you'll blurry and your shoulders. Do some exercise on the rug or on the blanket in free cotton.

Every time you do yoga, you need to listen to your bundles and muscles, do your exercises in a thoughtful and unsuccessful manner, and at the end of each phase, you must hold your breath for a few breaths or seconds.

Joga for start-up exercises

Sphinx operation

Lift on your stomach, your feet straight, put your hands on the forearm so that your hands are palms down parallel to each other, and the elbows are strictly underneath. Slowly climb up to get your stomach off the floor. Stops need to pull back. This exercise strengthens the spine and extends the muscles of the stomach and shoulder.

Half the spaghat.

Put your right hand on the right side, put it in such a way as to continue the torso line, torch it in the elbow and stick to the head. Put your left leg in your knee and your left hand, grab your fingers, move your leg in your knee and raise it up so that it can be perpendicular to the floor. So pull another leg. Try to keep your legs down on your knees, even if it's hard at first. The floor of the schpagat stretches the subcutaneous tendons, strengthens the muscles of the back and legs.

Cobra operation

Lift on your stomach, socks straighten out and stick together. Ladoni put it around the shoulder, then, back on your hands and slowly breathing, raise your shoulders and chests, so, You need to pull forward and chin up. During the whole movement, control the palms, they must be permanent. This yoga exercise for starters strengthens the spine and increases the back flexibility.


Lie on your back, get your feet down in your knees, put your feet on the floor, about the width of the pelvis. Pleasure up the yagodians and then your back. Behind your feet and shoulders, try to fix this pose for a few seconds. Also try to put your hands on your back and reach them to the stops. By doing this yoga wrap, the back and the cervical vertebra and the thoracic area are stretched.

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