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Cundalini Yoga For Starters With Alexe Scumbag

Kundalini Yoga

Cundalini-yoga is a yoga where breathing equipment plays a major role. The purpose of the kundalini yoga is to awaken the powerful flow of the kundalini in every human being.

The Cundalini-yoga, as we know it, opened the Western world in the second half of the twentieth century by an Indian. In his lectures, Yogi Bhajan told me that the kundalini-yoga helps to foment the spiritual energy that, like the snake that smashed the rings, drains somewhere in the cross area. In order to get mixed with divine consciousness (and this is the main purpose of practice), the yoga must stimulate energy and raise it up the central energy channel, the vertebral column. " By doing this All right. A few minutes a day, a balance, integrity and harmony in life can be achieved.

Unlike other yoga species spread in the West, there are almost no classic hathha-yoga asan in the Cundalini-yoga. However, according to teachers, the Kundalini Yoga is very quick to achieve the results for which long years are required in Hatha-yoga.

Alexei Merculov

Cundalini-yoga is based on screams, that is, a set of interconnected physical and respiratory exercises and meditations accompanied by mantras. It is time-bound for each criticism. It is believed that the significant impact of the Cordalini-yoga is emerging for the fourth month of continuous practice.

In Russia, the Kudali-yoga became popular at the end of the 1990s. One of the first to receive the Bhajan treatment was Jacob Marshak, the chief doctor and the owner of the Marshaka drug addict. They say the Indian guru came to Russia on purpose to give him knowledge.

Cundalini-yoga is indeed an effective method of treating drug dependence: in classes that require intense breathing and air breathing, a large number of endorphins are thrown into the blood, and a man is happy to see what is very important at the stage of drug or alcohol denial.

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