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Майя Файнс, тренер

Dear newcomers, this is a topic for you!
Here, you can find a detailed description of how, when and how to deal with, if you've just opened a yoga chest with Maya Fains.

Most of you choose as your first contact with Cundalini the yogo lessons of Maya Fains and, in particular, 7-chacards of 7-TV, which have long been freely available on the Internet.
Regrettably, compared with the original English versions of the exercise, it became clear that they had cut out an important part -- namely, a pre-feasibility line with the Mantre of Long Namo Guru Dev Namo, which was a mandatory element of the exercise and was available in all English lessons.
"This mantra speaks to all the practices Kundalini Yogi
She's putting us on the Golden Cup of all Guru, and surrounds the defense." That's the words of Maya itself.
So don't forget, please, to say it three times before the start of the class, like the audio in the annex, to build and protect yourself from the undesirable consequences of the practice!
Also, after setting up with the Mantre of Long Namo Guru Dev Namo, it is recommended to sing three times the Matre of Ad Gurey Nam, Jugad Gurey Name, Sat Gurey Name, Siri Guru Devei Name.

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