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Kundalini Yoga Start With The Anahata

What is the ultimate power and power of the race?

Кундалини йоги, прежде чем

What is the ultimate power and power of the race? All the answers are contained in his unpredictable vibrating sound.

In the religious traditions of India, China and South-East Asia, the Gong has been considered a cult tool. His sound was accompanied by the most significant events in human life: birth, funeral, wedding, harvest, military action and shaman rituals. What's special about this kind of simple enough tool consisting of a metal disc and a collar?

The sound of the race interacts with space in a special way: the instrument has the ability to vibrate long after impact. The sound waves are growing and removed. Yogi Bhajan called this returning sound of a sound-up race, a star without borders and restrictions that vibrates by creating light and life.

Goong produces a “bumerang effect”, a complex of mixed ceremonies. Sound waves covering one other create new complex tone, and it makes sound so voluminous and unpredictable that it goes beyond a certain rhythmic organization.

The human mind can't predict what the sound is gonna sound, so during the race-- meditation session, people are often affected by the sound of bells, drums, arches, mountains, and even heard voices, it's the brain that seeks to understand what sound looks like.

In fact, individual sound perception has a physiological basis. So-called combined tones are created in the race and formed directly in the hearing system. They are responsible for the dual perception of the sound, which, in the view of acoustic specialists, is a true phenomenon.

When speaking, the gong is vibrating by producing waves with a frequency close to 4-7 Germans. These waves have caused binary fluctuations. These frequencies are synchronizing on the brain's hemisphere, harmonizing the state of mind.

Who burns? The first references to gong-editing as an integral part of yoga practice are found at the beginning of the fourteenth century, in the Hatha-yoga Pradipi.

The author of the labour force, yoguin Swatmarama, describes the stages that the gardener is going on towards education. One of the main steps is the experience of listening to blood sounds to awaken the holy energy of Cundalini.

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