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Kundalini Yoga, Where To Begin

How to start teaching

Как я пришла в Кундалини-йогу

It is a great blessing to be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and to join the Golden Teacher Chain, to join one line with such great people as Jogi Bhajan, Kart Singh Khalsa, Shib Charan, and to spend time learning. Remember, material values are outdated and spiritual values remain eternal, and your contribution to the preservation of tradition will be difficult to overestimate.

However, it is often difficult for a new teacher to take the first step, and doubts overthrow and hinder the development of the Puti. If the fear shook you in your hands and legs, remember, it will never be the perfect time to start. You may think that it is now that you are not ready that you have little knowledge that other cases require immediate attention, there will be a traitor to postpone on Monday or tomorrow. But know that there's nothing more important than the fear that needs to be overcome and just start!

Being a teacher isn't a target or a result. It's a process that starts right now and happens every minute with you. You're involved in the School of Life, and you always get lessons and learn others. By teaching Kundalini Yogu, you will learn from your students, and in time, your classes will become more structured and conscious.

Remember how Kundalini Yoga changed your life. Build your courage, the one that your teachers have chosen to open this practice to you, and take a step to meet those who still want to know this wonderful, whole practice.

There are many good ways to start teaching. The most important thing about this is the barbaric radio. Tell me as many yoga and no yoga friends you're a teacher now, and it's done.

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