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Maya Fines Coundalini Yoga Recommendations To Starters

How did I come to the yoga

Кундалини йогаI came by accident at the Cundalini yoga without even planning on coming there.

In the beginning, I was doing Hutha-yoga, then I was an ayangara.

Sometimes I went to my yoga center when classes were at a convenient time, not really knowing what and why.

And then I went to India, where we had cuntains next to our ayangara, and they were weird!

They were dressed in white (and why suddenly?) and they were on the beach at night and sat in circles (that is, sectarians!) and they were still smiling and seemingly suspended.

From this trip, the Cundalini thing closed for me, and only a few years later came back.

From a fascinating friend, I learned about the cria, about 40 days, and that any question in the Cundalini would give you an answer and a lot of bones like a high level of energy, a sense of life, a path and a sense of being part of the universe.

I never really knew what it meant to be a part of the universe. I didn't understand why.

But I knew exactly what I needed.


At that point, I had the fear of staying without money together, although there was no obvious reason to fear. I've been working, getting a lot and doing the right thing, I think what the panic is?

But there was a panic. She hasn't been away for a while, and there's this friend here and she says, you need to make a cry for the first cup! She's just freaking out and she's confident. And you'll work on past injuries.

What scream? What the hell is that?

Found some video. You can find him, too, and you can put it on YouTube.Maya fains Kundalini Muladhara

The description heard the word " stableness " and I knew it.

There's a brain going on, and apparently with that panic, it's starting to convince me that it's not time for us to travel, work, night shifts, then moves, you're not gonna be on the train, and at the airport, like, again, we can't do work without a break of 40 days, have to stop and start over, we have to wait for the right moment... Full set, actually. In thinking that way, I scattered the towel in my hotel room and I turned the video.

That's how our love began with the Cundalini.

Running forward, I've been able to make 40 days of the first cup without interrupting. And then another 40 days.

Кундалини йога 40 дней кундалини — крия для изобилия Мое идеальное утро. 40-дневная крия. Первая чакра — Муладхара.

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