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Couple Yoga Lessons For Starters

Steel and yoga directions

Парная йога в Петербурге

Paradise yoga (yoga with partner, lazy yoga) is a practice of yoga when exercises are performed with the help of a partner and usually on turn. The yoga couple is close to Thai or yoga-massage, and in a couple with a counter-sex partner is similar to the tantra-yoga variety aimed at awakening and transforming sexual energy.

Specificities of method

As part of the exercise of pair yoga, partners (whether one weight) help each other maintain balance, make inclinations, flaws and stretches, support each other, or vice versa. Working in a couple, they are given the opportunity to facilitate exercises, to carry out inaccessible asses or to deepen them. A pair of yoga can be practised with a sexual partner, a friend or friend, a child or a stranger, depending on which, the psychological impact of the exercise will vary.


In addition to physical (acquisition of stretch and flexibility) and physiological (mutual massage, directly and indirectly affects the state of the internal organs), couple yoga has a powerful psychological effect. Ferry yoga is taught to trust a partner and people. In the West, couple yoga is often called Trust yoga.

By giving her body weight to a partner who's been practising for the first time since he's learned to walk, he's been constantly monitoring how hard he's standing on the ground... He has been given the opportunity to relax and " open " , ready to provide the same assistance to another.

Unconscious fears and complexes are identified in the exercise. Regrettably, we are freeing the vast amount of domestic energy that has been spent sustaining the " protection from the outside world " , allegedly full of dangers. Having seen the world of others, feeling cherished to ourselves and showing the same to others, we remove internal blocks, remove excess voltage in different parts of the body, reaching harmony and health.

As the exercise develops, a pair of yoga can become an improvising partner dance, becoming a beautiful expression.

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