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Joga For Start-Up Video Lessons In Russian

Best yoga videos from all over the world

Strala Yoga

The New York Times called the author of the Strala Yoga channel, Tara Stiles, a yoga revolutionary. Its purpose is to make yoga class more fun and pleasant. The girl explains everything so clear that it's very easy to repeat the ass after her. Tara's website can find lessons for starters, morning and evening. The full video is worth or, but there's a nine-minute Channel on YouTube.

Interval Yoga

This canal is suitable for more advanced yoga, who have already learned basic asans and are ready to experiment further. Interval Yoga class focuses on the development of power and resilience. New videos publish once a week.


Here, we can find a lesson on ViƱas-, Hatha-, power and reconstructive yoga. There is a separate section for newcomers on the canal: except for basic asan, introductory lessons explaining the difference between different yoga styles, the right breathing video and the stretching.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga was created specifically for children of three years and more. The main feature is a mullet background that turns yoga into a fascinating adventure. If they wish, parents may join in the practice of children.

Bad Yogi

The Philosophy of Bad Yogi is based on the fact that any success almost always precedes a series of mistakes and failures. But it's not a reason to give up. The founders, Erin and Adrian, explain how to carry out even the most complex asans and often arrange for the " shuttle " .

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