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Yoga First Class For Start-Up Videos

Coundalini yoga (lessons)

Йога дома. Хатха. Урок 1

Lesson 1 (free)

Watching online video lesson

Duration of lesson: 1.02 minutes
Dop equipment: yoga carpet, water bottle.

The theme is, "Remove stress and make balance and internal strength."

Kria: " Anti-strass complex for kidneys and kidneys "

In order for us to have the ability to go to our destiny, despite the challenges of fate, our energy must flow freely. This complex helps to remove unnecessary tension, strengthen and build endocrine systems, in particular kidneys and kidneys, and improve heart performance. As a result, you'll be able to act out of calm and internal strength.

“Meditation to overcome hostility”

Self-destructive actions and hostility occur when we do not accept ourselves and reject our integrity. This meditation deals with negative attitudes towards itself and gives the ability to be constantly conscious, supporting its true “I”.

Used mottos: exercise 4, Har Mantra - (creativity of God)

Lesson 2 (free)

Lesson length: 1 07 minutes
Equipment: yoga carpet

Topic: "Leave from our own powerlessness, purify subconscious from blocking plants and bring energy into balance."

Kria 1: " Liberation from imaginary powerlessness " . The practice will lead the body to great healing, useful for the heart, and develop all the body blocks. This cria develops from nature, human courage, imaginary powerlessness.

Kria 2: Nabhi Kria: Prana and Apana. Balancing the pran and the apan. It is a general reinforcement, increases the tonus of the organism, removes light forms of depression and increases the whole flow of pine in its hands.

“Meditation for well-being and intuition”. The first exercise purifies the lymphtic irons of the upper breast, resurrects the heart and is very useful for the breasts. It works with right and left brain hemisphere, creating balance between them. It will help you quickly understand what to do. The meditation will give you a chance to live. ♪ ♪

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