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Namascar yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga and chopper--- video

Комплекс йоги Сурья Намаскар и советы от Зап смотреть онлайн видеоBrief description: In this video, Zap will share his pioneering knowledge of 12 yoga exercises, which are interestingly known as Surya Namascar, which in translation into our mother tongue means " the sun ' s health " . It's a classic yoga school exercise. The lesson will begin with a few tips from Zap about how to act in exercises. What if some of the 12 asan fails to fulfil immediately, the yoga master will tell us more about it. Surya Namascar's technician is also shown in this video. The Pope is doing all the yogain exercises to Swami Shiwawanda.

To watch the Souria Namascar and Zap councils online.

Full reference shirt Yoga video.

Density: 24:51

Original name: Surya Namascar from Zap, video class. Shivananda yoga is online without registration or stop.

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Source: YouTube. Author: coolbabka.

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