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Yoga Video Lessons For Starters

Women ' s yoga (lessons)

йога хатха для похудения

Lesson 1 (free)

Watching online video lesson

Lesson length: 58 minutes
Dope equipment: yoga carpet, brick, pale

This is the first video lesson of the Women ' s yoga course, which you will be looking at with this interesting direction.

The lesson will address the basic technology and basic asan, which will provide a solid foundation for the development of all the subtle women ' s yoga. The online video is mandatory because without knowledge and understanding of fundamental exercises, it is not possible to move forward.

However, we strongly recommend that the asanes be repeated until certain performance, and then proceed to subsequent classes (video).

Notice: Asanas and tech presented in this video lesson online on women ' s yoga in Timesteady are suitable for daily practice, especially for newcomers.

Lesson 2 (free)

Lesson length: 54 minutes
Dope equipment: yoga carpet, brick, pale

The second online lesson of the Women ' s Yoga course in Timestedi continues to familiarize you with the basic exercises and basic equipment of this practice.

Also in your new lesson, you will learn:

♪ Exercises for the cervical spine unit;

♪ Shea muscle exercises;

♪ Exercises to deepen all layers of muscles that smash the pelvis.

In implementing the recommendations from this video lesson online on women's yoga, you will learn to relax and cut muscles correctly. Particular emphasis will be placed on the muscles of the pelvis, which play a critical role in the health of women of any age.

Being able to control them is one of the basics of health, beauty and femininity.

Lesson 3 (free)

Lesson length: 56 minutes
Equipment: yoga carpet

A third lesson from the Women ' s yoga course, we focus as always on working with the reproductive system.

We're doing tech that tone eggs. Take off the back voltage, relax and pull back muscles.

! Practice recommended. ♪ ♪

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