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Yoga Video Lessons For The Starter Version

Assistance in the use of the site

Йога для чайников 2 часть

We have to go through the website.

If you've already been registered, you have to do the following:

  • Step one, make sure you're protected. If you're not collateraled, we press the Voight button and insert your e-mail address and the password that you have entered when you're registered. If the top right corner of the site says "Welcome, WASHE"), we'll move to step 2.
  • Step two, we're going to a gray button with my office and we're picking up a setup. If you see the inscription "Account requires activation," you didn't activate your account. Move to step 3
  • Step3 - press the reference to send the activation letter again. After that, a letter from the daYoga portal will come to your post within a few minutes. Open the letter, find the inscription "To activate the account, follow this reference:" and follow that phrase.

If you're collateraled and see your name in the right upper corner of the site and there's no notice of the need to activate the account, and the video is still not fully reproduced, and we'll send your request to the technical support service to resolve the problem.

I'm registered and I'm receiving mail. Why can't I watch Video lessons All right?

Below is a step-by-step description of actions that will help to understand and determine whether the situation is a consequence of a technical problem.

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