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Anton Yoga For Starters

Hathoi-yoga for starters: exercises and asans

шавасана упражнения для начинающихKhatha-yoga is a physical component of the philosophical exercise. It's designed to prepare the body, the spirits. Together, yoga lessons are quite difficult for a newcomer. That's why for starters Suggests a simpler execution of some asan as well as some consistency.

Simple rules

  1. The correct implementation should be accompanied by a sense of comfort, or a small discomfort in the study of the new pose or its complexity. By learning lessons, you must not tolerate severe pain.
  2. Implementation must be gradual.
  3. Don't keep moving if you don't do it right.
  4. The logic is a system that allows for the effective and comfortable disconnecting of the pain, increasing the amplitude of the movements. Hatha-yoga Pradiapik, or an explanation, states that Hatha-yoga is defined by Yama, Niamah, Asana and Pranyama.макрасана поза крокодила Only breathing skills can move to further improvement of the body, a soul vessel.
  5. It's possible to take up any time of the day, but it's better this morning at the sunrise.
  6. First, get some asan, add new ones as soon as they're in possession.
  7. It's better to start learning any post under the supervision and supervision of a teacher, like Anton Ivanov.
  8. You have to do yoga in a good mood with faith in the result.
  9. Don't forget that Hatha-yoga is part of the yoga philosophy, don't take it as a banal exercise.
  10. Don't drink anything half an hour before practice. Don't take food in two hours.

Rest and relaxation

1. Shavasan is a dead man. She's very important to rest and relax. It can be performed between the ass and at the end of the class. Leather on the back. Put your hands on the torso side, your hands roll up, your fingers relaxed and attached. The eyes are closed. We're trying to relax completely, so we're going to change our minds off the back, from our fingers to the bucket. Then hands, stomach, face. Your body's supposed to be wearing a nice lung heat. The essence of the exercise can be expressed: strength alone.

падмасана поза лотоса Маха Мудра – поза с закупоренными отверстиями Уштрасана – асана верблюда Халасана – плуг

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