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Astang Yoga For Starters

Ashtanga-wiñas-yoga for starters

Аштанга йога для начинающихAshtanga-Vinjasa-yoga is a rapid purification of the organism and a form of purification (through normalization of weight, increased flexibility and strength, removal of psycho-emotional stress). This is due to the fact that during the course of the exercise we are actively engaged in breathing in the execution of the asan, as well as the use of special movements (vinas) for entrance and exit.

If you think that your form still prevents you from studying an astang-wiñas-yoga in the main-level groups, come to regular classes for starters. Their pace is slightly more mediatatic and the practice is softer. It's not induction classes where very detailed information is provided, but in the course of teaching, the teacher will gradually provide you with all the necessary information for safety. yoga and body therapy.

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