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Eye Of Yoga Slab For Starters

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Yoga program. The second stage, with Innoya Vidgof and Ravi Kumar, will be suitable for those who have already learned basic asanes and want to improve in yoga.

How to implement the simple versions of Asan, Inna Widgof and Ravi Kumar have already spoken at the beginnings ' sessions. They now invite all to join the course for the continuing Yoga. Second step. " “We will show how to complicate certain positions and thereby increase their healing effect”, Inna says.

" To work in a continuing group, you need to have initial knowledge of yoga. For example, you know what a lamb and a shavasan are. If you have some idea how to breathe and move properly, Yoga. The second step “shall suit you” is Ravi Kumar.

In other words, if you've completed your initial course and you're sure you're doing the basic asses right, it's time for you to move to the next level. Those who question their forces are encouraged by Inna Widgof ' s: " We will show several options for each asan at different levels of training. If you feel like you're not able to perform a difficult position, you can always go to a simple option. "

This time, the trainers will pay special attention to flexibilities, preparation for spaghats and overturned asans. " Flexibility exercises disperse the spine, stimulate breathing and increase the mobility of the shoulder belt, explains Inna. - When you do, you'll always be awake. " The leg length will increase the mobility of the pelvis and the cross and improve the bleeding in the abdomen and the urea system " adds to Ravi. Also Inna and Ravi promise to learn starting yoga Width (stop on the head) is the most effective pole that has a beneficial effect on the heart, the brain and the entire nervous system.

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