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It's Like Doing Yoga For Starters

Night yoga: practice before sleep (photo)

I suggest you a small set of asan and respiratory technicians to relax after a difficult day, get rid of the accumulated tension and prepare for full night rest.


About how to develop yoga night practice right last week. If you're doing it right in front of your sleep, you'll be fine with this asan complex.

Light inclination

Why: unload the tired spine, remove the stress from the neck department and brush the pelvis softly.

Put your feet on the wide pelvis, suffocate your pelvis back and up, relax your back and go deep. Put the palms 40-50 in front of the stop. If your hands don't touch the floor, you can put the palms on the bricks. Move your body weight forward, relax your neck and your shoulders. With each exhalation, cross-borrow that one, the other leg in your knees, wiring the pelvis in the opposite direction of your leg. Make 8-10 pulls, then put your fingers on the back, put your elbows on the side, and lock the inclination on 30-60 seconds. Breathe straight and calm. Feel the way your neck pulls, guide your shoulders and shovels up and give more weight to your socks.

The dog's downwards + pulling + scrubbles in Sobaca + the baby

Why: pull the vertebra, improve the bleed in the small pelvis and relax the muscles.

In the inclination, take your hands forward to accept the position of the seabed down. Don't bend your hands and legs, get up in the chest, pull a cop up. Lock the asan down for a few seconds, then flip the one with each breath, and the other foot in the knee, and then blow the stains off the floor. Put your socks on the floor and pull the straight leg more back. Make 8-10 matches, then inhale the stains to the right, and the socks to the left, twist the pelvis to the right and up, look in the opposite direction. Lock down the hook for 20 to 30 seconds, try to give the body's main weight to your feet. Take your breath back to the "Both of the Morde down" and then cross the other side. After the second cricket, put your knees down on the floor and rest 30-60 seconds in the center of the baby: get on your knees, sit on your heels, pull your hands, lean forward and relax.

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