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Video: simple yoga for back health

Аштанга-виньяса-йога — для

The weakness of the back muscles and the spine problems are the pay of a modern man for comfort. The comfortable office chairs and car seats, the footwear on the heels and other " useful " devices have resulted in the uneven distribution of the burden our body has experienced every day.

Excessive effects on certain muscle groups and the underdevelopment of others create preconditions for changing the optimum position of spine joints. This has resulted in a violation of his natural function and a number of problems:

  • Modification of ossanka;
  • Impeding nerve ends to internal organs and worsening their blood supply;
  • Interchange and osteochondrosis;
  • the creation of a shed and intervertebrates, as well as a whole list of other unpleasant objects.

The yoga for back health in the article aims to strengthen the deep muscle corset, which is involved in maintaining the vertebral column in the right position, and helps to address the problem of pain in the lumbar area.

Complex starting point and requires no prior physical training. The exercises, in addition to the effects on muscles and joints, also have beneficial effects on hormonal and nervous systems. The good feeling and the influx of fresh forces following this yoga complex will help you to deal effectively with the challenges that arise during the day.

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