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Joga For Starters' Backs

Treatment yoga: 5 simple spin exercises and lumbars

Frequently, the painful feeling in the spine is related to the congestion and overloading of muscles from the long sitting behind the computer or the osteochondrosis.

Of course, that condition requires a doctor to consult. However, when the cause is found, even doctors often prescribe therapeutic physical education. Some of the yoga assans may be included. By doing them regularly, you'll reduce the risk of pain in your neck and the lumbar from sitting life.

Talasana (by coat)

Get up straight, go a little deeper. Look in front of you, relax your shoulders. Inhale, put your hands on your head, turning their palms inside. Hands get close to each other, at the top of the palm, divorced around the same width as feet on the floor or just. Pleasurely remove the stains from the floor and stand on the socks while maintaining the balance.

If you don't, just pick up the stains a little bit. Put your eyes on your hands, lightly wrapping your head and neck. Keep your hands behind your head and all your body, climbing your socks as fast as you can and keeping your balance.

Hold the asan for 3-5 seconds (or as many) repeat 2-3 times.

Shashankasan (behind)

Get on your knees, knees and feet, press the floor, sit on your feet. Inhale, raise your hands above your head. The palms are set forward, hands are about the ears. If you're breathing up your hands ahead and bow to all your body, try not to rip the pit off the floor. Head's inclined with hands. Put your hands on the floor and try to get your head down to the floor.

Hold this position for five seconds or as comfortable as you wish to repeat.

Purvottanasana (west)

Get down on the floor with your back. Put your hands on the floor a little deeper than your shoulder and bring the pelvis up carefully. Your body should be slightly upside down, try not to get the pelvis and the stomach down. The wheels and elbows are straight, the feet are completely on the floor from the sock to the slick.

Do 2 to 3 times, keep the right position 20 to 40 seconds.

Jathara Parishanana (belly rotation)

Get down on your back. The head lies on the floor, put your hands on the side.

Put your legs together and raise them up (if the lumbar hurts very much, connect them, kneel and kneel to your chest). Pull your socks on. Carefully put your straight legs aside and put them on the floor. If the lumbar hurts so much, put your feet down as they started, and straighten them out on the floor. One leg lay on another, socks on itself. The angle between the legs and the torso shall be not more than straight, but if the stretch allows, it shall be sharp (for this, pull your feet as close as possible to your hand).

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