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Joga For Starters Dvd

Healing Hatha-yoga

Another basic unit for the rehabilitation of the Hatha-yoga for starters from Nikolai Yasson, the author of the course.

All base complexes are intended for starters, so the first level of complexity is represented. As a result, every person can practice and benefit from comprehensive Hatha-yoga.

The focus of the base complexes is quite varied. It's in this complex that the focus is on working with the spine.

The spine is the foundation of health. On the one hand, we reinforce the muscles, and on the other, we relax and extend the muscles.

The effect on muscle visors, muscles and bundles makes plastic and strong. In other words, the muscles are in the tone.

And that's when our muscles are in tones, that's when they're on the one side relaxed and on the other side strong, our spine is also in the tones.

Do it with pleasure:

The spine, which depends very much on the condition of the muscle tone, receives additional relaxation and simultaneously holds the spine in the right position.

So we keep the spine health. There are no other options. Just load and relaxation in the load.

It's called a state of Hut-ha, which means tension is relaxation. And with this spine work, we reinforce it while we stretch it.

As you can see, all original is simple. The only question is to overcome your lair and do what needs to be done. What should we do? That's right.


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