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Ishwara Yoga (lessons)

бикрам йога для похудения

Among all the yoga practices in the world today, Isovara-yoga takes a special place. This particular feature is that Hishwara-yoga sees humans as a whole and harmonious body and consciousness system and develops the system in an integrated manner. That philosophy would appear to be embedded in all yoga practices, but in reality there are some very important differences.

What's sovar yoga?

Ishwara-yoga is not just a practice, but a special system and methodology for training Hutha-yoga technicians. I mean, it is based on the techniques, principles and techniques of Hatha-yoga, but suggests a different approach to practice. The system was developed relatively recently by the Ukrainian practice and teacher Anatoly Zenchenko. The system has accumulated many years of experience and has proved that it has tremendous potential.

So, what's the Isovar yoga different from the Hatha-yoga practice? The main difference is that a person (namely human!) is regarded as a harmonious and holistic physical body and consciousness system. The development of the system should be integrated, in close connection with physical and spiritual, without priority and separate parts.

Such an approach helps to learn their body and consciousness, to feel how they interact with each other and to approach the state of this freedom, consciousness and responsibility.

What's the speciality of Isovar yoga?

The bases of the Isovar yoga are, as has been said, Hatha- yoga, but their implementation is based on several other principles. This is where every ashan is performed by all the body, all muscles that are removed from the centre to the periphery. The key point is the condition of the muscles, they're all tense the same, ideally in the body, the asan must not be too relaxed or too tense.

This is the only way to know yourself and to find the harmony of the intangible mind and the material body.

It's not easy to learn this practice, but anyone who really wants it can succeed. And to feel the freedom we lost in our world filled with fuss and stress. And it'll help with comprehensive home practice with an online course from Timesteady.

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