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Single Yoga For Starters

Dance club, yoga and guru

Акройога – это парная йога с

Dance and yoga club RUGU Invites you to choose a wide range of modern dance and yoga for children and adults:

  • yoga,
  • Modern, Jaz-modern,
  • Hip-hop and tectonics,
  • House, -New Style, - LA Style, Break-Dance,
  • Go-go,
  • Strip dance and-Pole-dance (six),
  • Animal dance,
  • Salsa and Bachata, Latina, Blue Latin,
  • ZUMBA - Fitness dance,
  • Children ' s Modern Dance (from 3 to 14 years)
  • rhythm for children (3-6 years)
  • Bodiflex is a breathing gymnasium,
  • The model school,
  • massage room,
  • The beauty courses.


At Guru's club, we've gathered practically all the dance lines for adults and children, and everyone here can find exactly what he likes.

Popular modern dances, modern hip-hop street dances, haus, Brake-dances, coupled and single social dances (salsa, tungs, banchata), Latin American dances or Zumba-Latin, eastern tummy dances that will give positive emotions and help maintain good shape.

You love freedom of action, now all kinds of dances in Kaliningrad you can find in one place.

Those who want to emphasize their individuality, become more plastic and removable, bring their body into good shape, we invite to strip-plastic, disco dance go-go and dance on the pole - Pole will also help. You develop your natural sexuality and support your body in the tone.

Additional Bones It's that if you've acquired a subscription to a certain type of occupation and you're not comfortable with anything, you can rewrite to another teacher at the administrator's. We'd love to arrange a wedding dance for you.

The gentle and romantic or modern, progressive, wedding dance will give your festivities special color and unbearable impressions.

And you can also invite our best dancers, and they'll be at your party or wedding.


Fitness in Kaliningrad has become popular and fashionable, a large number of fitness centers and halls, will always come to help those who want to stay firm and beautiful. At our Guru club, we offer you various kinds of Fitness Programs that will help you maintain your figure or restore lost steam, with pleasure and with no painstaking exercise.

For those who want to bring their organisms in tonus and reduce their weight, we recommend that Bodiflex or pilates be treated with special respiratory techniques, which, in combination with special exercises, can burn fat sediments without special problems.

If you prefer active dance exercises, we can offer you a dance fitness program Zumba, the foundation of this program is rhythmic movements under Latin American music.

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