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Strolling Yoga For Start-Up Videos

Yoga-stretching: a course for starters is a shop that's useful

Йога для начинающих
Welcome to the online video store!

In our Internet store, you can buy the best learning videos and video-sampers on DVD, learning and documentary films. Have a good buy!

Pay attention!
The price of the goods is not included in the cost of delivery.
Courier cost Moscow = 300 roubles
The cost of postal delivery depends on the region, the mass and cost of the order. There's a possibility of self-exporting from a warehouse in Moscow. Details of modes and cost of delivery.
Reimbursement forms: cash (for Moscow only), bank transfer, remittances, Contact, Union, Western Union or Gold Crown. Details on the forms of payment.

Online Order (round-to-day):
1. I want you to register on our Internet store or, if you're already registered, enter your own private office.
2. Find the goods you need in the catalogue of goods or use the search form.
3. Press the box near the product you need in the catalogue or on the product description page.
4. You can add to the basket any quantities you need, repeating steps 2 and 3.
5. By adding to the basket all the goods you need, entering the basket (right), pointing out the number of each item and press the "Renew" button. Then press the button to order and fill all the necessary fields of the proposed form.

Telephone order (from 9 to 18 hours Moscow):

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