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The Simplest Yoga For Starters

10 best ashans for women as a child

йога простая

For the child
What happens is: the muscles of the thigh joints, the backs and the four-head hip muscles (quadricepts).
1. Get on your knees, they have to be on the shoulder. Put your thumbs together. Your eggs must be on the stains.
2. Bow the body to the front (the head shall be between the femur) and touch the forehead of the rug. Put your hands right in front of you, put your hands on the floor. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Stay in that position for a minute.
What's good for you? This calming down opens the pelvis joints and removes the tension in the bottom of the back.

A dog looking down
What's going on is the spine, subcutaneous tendons, muscles of berry and cre. In addition, this asana strengthens delto-like muscles and tricepta.
1. Get on the fours, feet and knees on the shoulder. Put your hands on the width of your shoulder, scatter your fingers.
2. With your palms on the floor, raise your knees and straighten your legs.
3. Put your hands on a few centimeters ahead and your legs a few centimeters ago, gradually stretching out. Take the stains back and take them to the floor (although they don't have to touch the rug).
4. Relax your head, your neck, your shoulder free, and look at your feet. Breathe deep. Record that position for a minute.
What's good for you? This asana is an excellent way of strengthening the upper body. The thighs are higher than the heart, so it also increases the bleeding.

War 2
What happens is: the muscles of the pelvis joints, the inner surface of the thigh, the thoracic cage, as well as the quadrichas, the muscles of the stomach and the shoulder are reinforced.
1. Put your feet around 1, 2 meters. Turn your right leg so your fingers can be right on the edge of your rug. Put the right foot down at 30 degrees.
2. Put your hands on the shoulder level parallel to the floor, the palms down. Raise the right knee so that the right leg and the femur form a straight angle.
3. Carefully turn the cop down, pull the belly, and take five deep breaths and exhale through your nose. Straighten your right leg and repeat the same with your left leg.
What's good for you? This strong position will make your hands and feet strong and tight, as well as strengthen your heart.

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