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Essential errors of starting yoga

IMG_9303A rookie yoga, it's always something that's not known and often thoughtful. Many go to yoga without knowing what they want from her. Very rarely a rookie can get the point and not hurt himself. Five major and common mistakes for starters can be identified.

The first mistake is misunderstanding the target.

The yoga has many directions and varieties that sometimes even contradict each other. Yoga, who helps achieve physical health, doesn't necessarily make you flexible. A Yoga, which develops flexibility and tolerance, may not lead to a spirit of peace. Yoga, where you learn to relax and breathe, may not contribute to physical health.

If you want to do yoga, try to figure out what this is for you? Maybe you want to do beautiful poses, maybe you want to get rid of your back pain or any other physical health problems, maybe you want to learn to relax, get rid of the stress and be in harmony with yourself, and there's plenty more to be...

IMG_9265If a practicing practitioner doesn't know what he wants, he won't only get anything but he can hurt himself.

The second mistake is not regular practice.

We need to understand that without regular practice, you won't achieve anything that you don't set yourself goals. The more you do, the faster you get the result. Of course, you'll be fine and easy after your class, but as such, there won't be any progress, perhaps even the other way around.

In humans, all processes are cycling, and the failure of any rhythm affects the work of the organism. The same thing with yoga is a cyclical process that helps maintain body health and mind. Unsystematic practices will only make the organism different.

And that doesn't mean you have to go to the yoga center every day, of course not everyone can afford it, but you can go home at least 15 minutes a day, and you can go to class once a week. And that's not gonna give you bad results.

So think about it if you're willing to do it regularly? If not, don't waste your time or your coach.

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