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Yoga Asan For Starters In Pictures

Burn kit - yoga assan for starters

Йога в картинках на каждый

Burn kit - yoga ass for starters in pictures

These yoga assants are assembled in a special set of American yoga star Tara Stiles for ladies who wish to maintain beauty and strength. Well, losing a few pounds in regular classes is real, too. The exercise reduces the wrinkles, makes solid belly, legs and eggs, gives energy, and it gives new paints to your beauty and indifference. Specially for the starting yoga complex is presented in pictures.

Let's start breathing.

Here's how you take a deep breath, slowly raising your hands up the side. In addition, fill the air with the lungs, and the chest will rise upwards. The curtains remain relaxed. Look up and look at the ends of your fingers, not the string of your face, especially the forehead. If you breathe, relax and let your hands slowly down the side.

Until when: 5 repetitions.

What does that mean, he's improving his ass.

Why right now:
'Cause summer knowledge is not a good time for us: skin will dry in the sun and lose elasticity, and fresh air exercises are very difficult to do.

What's that for?
These yoga assanes support the elasticity of the muscles of the face, legs, berry and stomach; encourage blood circulation and blood circulation. At the same time, it is possible to relax, develop and bleed cortisol (stress hormone), thereby slowing the ageing process in cells and spreading the wrinkles. A worsening yoga will take at least 15 to 20 minutes per day, and for beauty and attractiveness, two to three per week.

Inclination forward

Get up straight, your feet are close to each other. Take a deep breath. Take your breath slowly bow to the front, raising your back in the air with your hands straight. The stomach's on the hips, the legs in the knees are relaxed forward, the hands behind the back, and let your hands go back to the front. Rest in the stomach on the hips. Keep your mouth shut, breathe evenly.

Until then, five deep breaths.

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