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DVD диск: Хатха йога для беременных, корректный подход к позвоночнику

AKTION! DVD disk: Hutha yoga, correct approach to the spine. Basic sequence for starters

A DVD disk was launched: "Hatha yoga, correct approach to the spine. Basic sequence for starters." There's a round of attention on the disk and simple yoga exercises. Disk is primarily intended for those who intend to start studying asan from the beginning. It will also be appropriate for older persons or for those who need to recover from a disease (for a rehabilitation period, as the practice of asan is not recommended for an acute period). Asan's demonstration is Anatoly Pahomov. 65 minutes

КПП DVD диск: Хатха йога для беременных, корректный подход к позвоночнику75 griev

AKTION! DVD disk: First Ukrainian academic film

The first Ukrainian study film, "Corret approach to the spine in the ass." The film is intended for people with yoga experience. DVD format, second improved version. The training material makes it possible to get into a sense of class when you couldn't get into practice. The film's off the Eeroglyph studio. Asan's demonstration is Anatoly Pahomov.

75 griev

AKTION! DVD disk: Basic sequence of yoga kPP. Kumbhaki

"The basic sequence Hatha yoga CAT. The film is intended for experienced practitioners who are familiar with the techniques for handling respiratory delays in asan. The DVD presents the basic training sequence currently used in A. Pahomov training courses: attention, gangs, asans, relaxation and the presentation of the fruits of practice. For starters, it is recommended that a description of the exercises in the book, in regular classes or seminars or in the previous training film for starters be presented. Asan's demonstration is Anatoly Pahomov.

DVD-лекция: Растворение Эго DVD-фильм: Мудрость карпатского мольфара

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