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Yoga For Start-Up Homes

Burn yoga set

Removes the fat sediments in the thalium, improves digestation, strengthens the hip and knees.

Stand straight, with your breath, raise your hands straight above your head, stretch your uterus up, stretch your spine. On the exhalation, while continuing to reach upwards with your hands up, lean down to your legs as far as possible in the pelvis joints. Put your hands on the floor in such a way that they are parallel to the feet and the fingers look forward. If you don't reach the floor, take your hands behind the drumstick or put your hands on the stand. Get out of the position, breathe slowly, lift the hull up and put your relaxed hands down.

Virabhadrasana II (Variation of the Pope Voina)

Virabhadrasana II

The muscles of the legs and hands are tightened, it gives them a beautiful relay, the muscles of the back and abdomen, lifts the tone of life.

Stand straight, in the jump, untie your legs for a distance of about 130 cm from each other, pull your hands straight to the side of the shoulder, put your hands down. Turn the right foot to the right at 90 degrees and put the left in a little bit. Keep your feet on the same line. Drink your right leg to the right corner. Make sure your shoulders get under the pelvis. Then turn your head right and put your eyes on the palm. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Vasisthasana (Based by Vasisthi)


The abdomen muscles, hands and legs are strengthened, and the weight is reduced.

Get down on your left side, crawling right up the left, right hand on your hip, and left hand on the floor, under your left shoulder. Raise the top of the hull, relying on a straight left hand. Then remove the thigh from the floor and reach the " string " in such a way that the body is held only on the left foot and the support arm. Put your right hand up. Pull up your stomach and push your pelvis forward. Imagine that you two are trapped between the walls. Do the asan on the other side.

Utkasan (Poza Stula)


Across the hip and the caviar, promotes the equilibrium development of the legs, the abdomen organs.

Stand straight, crawling the stairs on the pelvis, pull your hands straight over your head and connect the palms. On the exhale, put your feet in your knees and lower your hull until the hips are parallel. Imagine that you're going to sit on an imaginary chair, get the stains on the floor. Then run in the thoracic vertebrae and put the chest up.

Уттанасана Парипурна Навасана Чатуранга Дандасана Бхуджангасана

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