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Yoga For Starters 10 Minutes Of Miracles

Sadhan is a month long

Sadhan is a month long.

In 2011, following the successful completion of the course for yoga teachers, Ashtanga Yoga Centre, together with Agapkin Yoga Station, I held the first stage The Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course (TTC) for yoga teachers in Shivananda yyoga tradition in the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. The course is based on the tradition of Gurukula, where the teacher and pupils live together in the Ashram. It's a classic way of transferring spiritual knowledge into yoga traditions. Through direct contact with experienced teachers, the daily life of pupils is becoming a learning process. It is based on trust and mutual respect between the teacher and the student. The goal is the full physical, mental and spiritual development of the student. Participation in all Ashram programmes is mandatory. To maintain the atmosphere, according to tradition, no clothing, meat, fish, eggs, coffee, black tea, tobacco, alcohol, drugs is allowed. Violation of this rule leads to exclusion. It's a milk-and-life diet.

That was when I first met this yoga school. Before that, I've only read Swami Shivananda's books, and I wanted to live an ashram life and get to know him better. After studying this course, I realized that this style is holistic, the main difference between it and other styles is that the practice is relaxed and the voltage is relativated. If it is slow and conscious, they will not only have a positive effect on human health, but they will also provide training for reason by training its concentrations and medicines. And I wanted to share these knowledge with other people. When I returned to Moscow, I started teaching that style.

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