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Yoga For Starters At Home

How to choose a yoga rug

Для Гостиной Дома Спальней

The yoga carpet is an urgent need for those who are involved in this ancient practice. However, if someone thought that he didn't need a rug for yoga, it would be possible to convince such a man only " hard, son of mistakes " . Everyone else is making the choice of a rug important.

By the way, it is often that a person who has barely begun to practice yoga (especially if he works at home on books) does not buy a carpet first, but uses the most suitable things that are in hand: a long half, a bath carpet or a tourist foam.

Two or three sessions are taught: the half needs to be washed, the bath matress is very stretched under the stains (e.g. Triconasan) and the tourist foam is pleasant, but the poses are uncomfortable - " flooding " .

A good yoga mattress (also known as yogamat) is deficient. But why does he need it? Yogamat reduces to a minimum the sliding of the foot and palms during the class. It's much more comfortable than just on the floor, and the rug can be used as a soft backbone for some overturned poles.

So, we'll start with the manufacturer. A good German yogamat is made of environmentally sound material, which is completely impossible to brag about carpets made in China. In addition, cheap carpets do not have a special grid within which they are of good quality and help to extend their lives. Armated rug from a known firm doesn't stretch and serve you longer.

Next, draw attention thickness♪ The thinest carpet from our Internet yoga machine is Spezial, a thickness of 2, 5 mm. He's not springing, and that's why he's perfect to do the post. It's easy to carry him to classes or to take him on trips: it weighs not more than 1 kg.

He will be assembled as a yoga planet Sadhana carpet, a thickness of 4, 2 mm or 7 mm, a hoverier and less compact, of course, but convenient for the field, is suitable for a pole on a non-region surface, so if you travel often, and engage in nature, such a rug will make your practice comfortable even on the fireplace.

The next parameter is the length. It's clear that when you grow up above 170, you won't be able to have a mattt with a hat. It would be optimistic to choose the yogamata length by the formula: " Your growth + 5-10 cm " . With regard to widththe standard is 60 cm.

Several recommendations from the Yoga site.How to keep a yoga carpet and how to follow it:

(1) When you buy, you'll notice the carpet is slippery. The reason is a special lubricant covered by carpets so they don't get caught. Nicely wipe his wet tissue to remove the lubricant.

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