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Yoga Is A Start-Up Video

Yoga - starter exercises

Йога - упражнения для начинающихYoga not only strengthens and makes, more perfect, the body, but also fills the soul with balance and calm. yoga will not require you to have a place specially designed for this. All you need to do is wear clothes that you'll be comfortable with and take the usual rug. You can do yoga at home or at nature.


If you're doing your own homework, you'd better be alone. Get the animals out of the room, turn off the phone and open the window. For fresh air is necessary for breathing, which, in carrying out any exercise, plays a very important role. Of course, the window should open if it's warm. In the cold weather, you'll just have a room first. You can turn on quiet music.

It is, of course, best to start classes under the leadership of an experienced instructor who will be able to correct the inaccuracy of the asan. Of course, it is possible to do so on its own, using video and related literature. For starters, the duration of the class must be not more than 20 minutes per day. It's better to feel pleasure and joy for short-term classes than to suffer for a couple of hours.

It's important, for starters, not to make themselves do yoga. The yoga must come. Don't be upset if you missed your class because you can do it the next day. Only ashanes that bring joy to your soul and body should be practised. Don't do anything that's complicated for you, when you do, you can't concentrate and feel uncomfortable. Yoga has to deliver pleasure and joy, not a heavy duty.
yoga for starters Some recommendations should be taken into account:

  1. The room you're doing should be warm. You don't have to die.
  2. A small mine is required before classes to heat the muscles. Starting, first, the asses that they have learned well should be carried out, gradually moving to new positions. Expand your time gradually.
  3. We shouldn't eat before the exercise. Food can be used at least two hours before school. It is recommended to drink juice or water before and after classes.
  4. It's recommended to take a shower before the yoga class. There's no need to massage or go to a bath or a sauna.
  5. If you're experiencing chronic illnesses, it's better to postpone your class for a while.Йога - упражнения для начинающих In the case of pregnancy, ashanes must be performed only with the instructor.

Basic starters

In carrying out any asan, it should be remembered that the burden on both sides of the body must be the same. The exercises where there is no symmetry are performed first in the left and, after that, in the right direction. We'll have to make a stretch before we're done. Especially for starters.


Move your feet together, and then pull your feet so your knees can be straight. Pull the cob. Stand up straight, pull up, pull back and lower your shoulders. The back should be straight, and hands up. Asana removes the tension from the back and shoulder.


In carrying out this exercise, the legs must be in the same position as in the previous ass. Next, we connect the palms to the mudru, putting the thumbs on the chest and putting the shoulders and elbows back.

For the child

Sit on five berries and then put the body on the hip. Put your hands down. It's an exercise that can relax the attached spinal muscles and remove the tension from the neck.

The tree.

Stand straight. Slowly inhale, raise your hands as you can, then take them to the head, revealing the chest. In order to reinforce the asan, lift the stained leg on the hip. On a regular basis, you'll improve your asan and strengthen your spine.


Lie on your stomach and take your ankles. When you breathe, raise the upper and lower torso at the same time. Asana, it's possible to improve the muscles of the stomach, make your hands tight, and the back is flat.

A hero with one sword

Put your feet as wide as you can and pull your hands. Put your hands up, pull your elbows as far as possible, put your hands on your head. The left foot is as strong as you can turn right, turning on the same side and body, kick your leg. The left foot is pressed to the floor, and the right leg is stubborn as much as possible by turning the left.

Hands up

To perform this exercise, put your hands on the mountain as hard as you can, and then you'll reach up as possible.

Downward pull

Get in a position with your hands stretched, and then, without bending your knees as fast as possible, get down. Hands should touch the floor. The neck and head should be as relaxed as possible.

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