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Yoga Is Starting To Enjoy Himself

Йога - упражнения для

The general recommendations for yoga will help you to maximize the benefits and pleasure of practice.

1. For yoga, you need to select a group commensurate with your level of physical training and health. You can choose the optimum training regime on your own, or consult with the administrator of our Club.

Preparatory - Induction classes for low-load starters, yogatherapy. Approaches for: people of low-mobile, older people with health problems.

Initial - yoga for starters. To those who just decided Start yoga.and for people with experience up to 3 years.

Advanced - For people with regular experience for more than three years.

2. The right choice of level will allow you to gradually, smoothly, get used to the practice, learn correctly the yoga of exercise and the basic principles of technician performance, maximize your benefits from the very first classes.

3. The most important rule in yoga is to enjoy training. The yoga of exercise must not overdo the organism. Especially at the beginning of practice, it is important to listen to their senses and not to load to the limit. The introduction of yoga for starters is primarily aimed at the overall harmonization of all organism systems, stress management and muscle stress, so the practice must be complicated gradually.

4. It's necessary to have comfortable clothes for yoga classes. It's desirable that she be stitched and natural tissues and not stacked. The yoga class goes bass, so no shoes are required.

5. A yoga carpet is needed for the class. There are now special rubber carpets for yoga. These carpets don't slip, and they're light enough. You can buy them from our club or the sports store. If you don't want your personal carpet, you can use the rugs in our club.

6. Before starting the yoga class, it's not recommended to receive food in 2-3 hours, and liquid in 30-60 minutes. During training, there must be no sense of hunger or gravity after eating. Compliance with this rule is particularly important for those who are just beginning to study.

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