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Yoga Kit For Starters

Astang Viñas Yoga


Rigid dynamism of yoga, the founder of which is Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. His student, Sri Pattabhi Joyce, made this methodology popular to the world and until recently was the principal custodian of tradition. After Joyce's death, his grandson Sharath is playing this role.

Astang Yoga aims to strengthen the body, develop flexibility, physical and mental sustainability of the practitioner. At Krishnamachariah School, this methodology was used to train young men of military nature, with a great deal of its specificity.

Specificities of method

Assan ' s sequence in Ashtanga yoga is linked to the repetitive " vinyasami " and is combined with the lamb (defined respiratory techniques). Special attention is paid to the three main gangs (energy locks) that guide the flow of energy in the body, as well as drift (concentration on certain points).

Efficiency yoga

According to Joyce, the coordination of movement and breathing in Viñas creates " internal fire " in the body, which leads to massive flux, increased bleeding and increased flexibility. This not only helps to remove toxins from the system, but also calms the nervous system, allowing muscles and consciousness to relax. " Having obtained the synchronization of breaths and movements, Patabhi Joyce explains that the pupil is able to bring the body and consciousness of each other in line with each other, enabling a more easily to overcome physiological and psychological barriers. "

To whom.

Young, healthy, physically strong people - good physical training is required to carry out even the first level of Ashtanga Yoga (all six).

Who can't do it.

With spinal injuries and severe illnesses and lack of minimum flexibility, it is better to start yoga with soft methods.

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