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Yoga Power For Starters

Council No. 5, yoga power, or is it possible to lose weight with yoga?

Welcome to the new direction of yoga in K2 - POWER YOGA.

sovet05 Namaste!
So, welcome all the clients and friends of Sport Club C2. Since you and I are going to be often " communicating " (all matters and proposals of interest to you in the field of Yoga and Psychology, you can leave our administrators in a special envelope, I will be able to speak with the KACJA and PROCOMMENDY in the following columns).

You know, I'm often asked if I could lose weight with yoga, how fast and how long? In order to stay out of this subject for a long time, I will say briefly: " YES, IT IS, and this is Power Yoga " . You can come to this new direction of yoga and try yourself. That's what I specifically picked up. exercises for starters In the “Power Yoga”.

What is power Yoga?

The yoga power is one of the youngest chitannes-oriented yoga styles. The yoga power is a dynamic yoga that combines strength and flexibility, tolerance, coordination, balance and concentration. It uses as well as ordinary yoga as various asanes, but there is no strict sequence, exercises move smoothly from one to another. There are a large number of power poles, exercises for flexibility and all this is connected to a certain system of breathing. As a result, the human body becomes strong and flexible, smartly stable, and thinking is clear.

Power manual Yoga.

Yoga can do whatever he wants. However, it is not recommended that this yoga form be addressed to pregnant women, as well as to people with various chronic obstruction of the propulsion and cardiovascular system.

Several councils to be taken into consideration by the Power Yoga.

  • Put on more comfortable clothes, actively absorbing sweats;
  • Take a little towel with you and a bottle of purified water;
  • Use yoga instructor leadership;
  • Fully concentrate on each field from the exercise series;
  • at least three times a week, at least 45 minutes.


  • removes many toxic substances through sweat;
  • treats acidic stomach disorders;
  • helps remove obesity;
  • helps to deal with insomnia;
  • helps to combat hypertension and menstrual cycle violations;
  • Increases the body ' s tolerance, strength and flexibility;
  • Improves blood circulation and immune system;
  • improves concentration and self-control.

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