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25 July 18:30-21:00 Invite all women to the practical seminar of the WOMEN ' s FORCE RACISUA AND RELIEF

Every woman wants to be beautiful, attractive, inexorable... But to feel that way, unfortunately, not everyone. Because of the current rhythm of life, it's not enough time to stop, relax and hear yourself. ♪ ♪

What's the secret of true feminineity and beauty? The combination of internal and external beauty gives birth to harmony, which we often miss. The practices that we will be doing at the seminar will allow you to reveal the internal source of women ' s power and transform the outside!

With special breathing exercises, self-sustaining, intimacy work, meditation, you are:

  • Relax.
  • learn to turn your mind off and listen to the body.
  • Fill with women's energy
  • Equate your emotions.
  • Get internal harmony.
  • Improve the relationship with the man.
  • open up new fronts in private life
  • You really feel like a woman.

In the programme of the seminar:

  • Intelligent practices: joint gymnastics, point vain, dynamic exercises
  • Emotional purification - Daos practice of cleaning essential organs with sound and focus
  • Work with sacral and cardiac centers - we sound at class, we do breathing exercises aimed at exposing women ' s power: purification from negative blocks and reinvigorating the muscles of the stomach and the intimacy muscles, heartbreaking.
  • Landing, women ' s energy, male and female harmonization, self-acceptance
  • Recommendations on self-employment

Be beautiful!

You'd love to be assisted by the experienced coach Olga Chuguev, the leading women's practice, the joint gymnastics coach, the dollmaster--

The voices of the participants can be seen here:

Employment will be appropriate for all regardless of age, composition and level of physical training. The visible effect is already achieved at the seminar!

All you need is comfort clothes: skirt on the floor.

Location: Namaste yoga-studio Celabinsk, Ul.Trud 64a BDEs 4th floor

Cost of participation:
500 roubles at 100% prepayment
600 roubles per seminar day

Method of cash transfer:
- On the map of Sber Bank 4276 8720 1721 0452, you must write a text-information and a letter of money (Your name and name) and for what (Seminar 26 July)

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